Social Media Management

Strategy, Strategy, Strategy. That is the name of the game. To often there are companies out there who have created social media accounts for their business in hopes of getting thousands of “likes” and to drive business through their social sites, with no plan on how to do so. At Magnified Consulting, we offer high end social media strategies and implementation. Unlike other companies, we provide a unique 3 step process.

  1. We will assign a dedicated Social Media Manager to your Company.
  2. We will develop a Social Media Strategy specifically designed for your Company.
  3. We will show and train employees at your Business how to effectively run your Page.

We digest your industry, competitors, and customers to find the best plan of action for your Business. In some cases, it may not make sense for you to focus on Instagram when your customers or potential employees are on Facebook or LinkedIn. That is why we create a custom package for each Company we work with. Our Social Media Strategies have a proven track record of being extremely effective with the Businesses we have worked with! Call us at 219-331-8006 or fill out the information below and we will give you a quote today!