Our Secret to Success!

Strategy, Strategy, Strategy. That is the name of the game. To often there are companies out there who have created Marketing Plans with no strategy and they fall flat on their face! At Magnified Consulting, we offer high end Marketing Plans WITH Strategy and implementation outlines. Below are some bullet points of what to expect from us!

  1. Full Marketing Plan with all the detail needed to succeed on your own!
  2. We will develop strategies within your Marketing Plan to lead, direct, and guide your company!
  3. A 54 step Marketing Plan that will be completed in detail ready to show investors.

You can expect a full comprehensive Marketing Plan within 30 days of start date. Before we start, we would have conversations on the phone and ask that you fill out our pre-strategy outline which will help us understand your direction as a business! We will work together to grow your business! You are the expert on your business, we are the experts on Marketing Plans and Strategy! When we combine our efforts, that is where growth takes place! Call us at 219-331-8006 or fill out the information below and we will give you a quote today!