Marketing Plans

Magnified Consulting specializes in creating Marketing Plans for Small Businesses. We have a team of Business Marketing and Management Experts who will spend approximately 30 days working to create a customized Marketing Strategy for your Business. This Marketing Plan will be a fully outlined Strategy your Business will be able to use for years to come to out-shine your competitors. Within this Plan will be a full diagnoses of your company, your competitors, your industry, and strategic marketing directions on where to attack your market. This service includes…

  • Professional Marketing Strategy.
    • Analyze Company.
    • Dissect Industry.
    • Investigate Competitors.
    • Create Marketing Strategies.
    • Implementation Strategies and Directions for Company.

The Marketing Plan you will receive will be extremely descriptive and will always be a key resource to your Business. A Marketing Plan to your company should be held at the standard your Business plan is. At Magnified Consulting, we look at it as your Business Plan is a descriptive document of your future objectives and goals while your Marketing Plan is a descriptive plan on how to reach those desired goals within your Business Plan!