Our Mission

“Our mission is to help Small Businesses reach their full potential one Marketing Strategy at a time.”

Magnified Consulting, LLC. is a full service Marketing Strategy Company. We specialize in creating specific Marketing Plans for Small Businesses Nationwide. We focus our efforts on providing full Marketing Plans which included Marketing Strategies, Digital Media Strategies, Social Media Strategies, and Website Content Strategies.

Our goal is to create and implement strategies that help Small Businesses reach their full potential. To often we find Entrepreneurs start their dream business and have a full business plan laid out and all the legal paper work taken care of and they believe they are on the path to success. Once the business plan and organization is formed, they are anticipating on bringing in several customers and having growth right away, but yet their phones do not ring. Many Businesses are in desperate need of a Marketing Plan. This is where we come in. Do not let your dreams die early due to lack of preparation. Let us create a specific Marketing Plan to meet your needs so your business can start bringing in the revenue it needs to make your Entrepreneurship dreams come to life!